Luggage Protector City

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This is a great service for passengers who want to protect their luggage from tampering, dust, potential damage, bad weather conditions, and general wear and tear. Luggage Protector City is the nice looking cover that will make your luggage beautiful. 

Why should we choose Luggage cover?

  • This Luggage Protector City is made of durable material, 15% spandex, and 85% polyester. Superior sublimation quality makes the pattern more vivid and the color brighter.
  • Protect your suitcase against dirt and scratch; make your suitcase instantly recognizable. Double-stitched all over, full of stretch and high elasticity, ensure your suitcase stays shut during the trip.
  • Highlight your personalized suitcase, don't worry to misplace your luggage, Customized design.
  • Fit quickly and easily in seconds. Durable and washable, 3 sizes available to fit almost any luggage.